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Incidence and Risk Factors of the Caudal Screw Loosening after Pelvic Fixation for Adult Spinal Deformity: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jian Zhao, Zheng Nie, Jiangjun Zhou, Dongfa Liao, Da Liu
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(1):137-145.   Published online February 21, 2024
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A Comparison between Structural Allografts and Polyetheretherketone Interbody Spacers Used in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Francis Jia Yi Fong, Chee Yit Lim, Jun-Hao Tan, Hwee Weng Dennis Hey
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(1):124-136.   Published online January 30, 2024
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An Algorithmic Roadmap for the Surgical Management of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy: A Narrative Review
Dong-Ho Lee, Hyung Rae Lee, Kiehyun Daniel Riew
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(2):274-286.   Published online December 26, 2023
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Innovative Developments in Lumbar Interbody Cage Materials and Design: A Comprehensive Narrative Review
Sam Yeol Chang, Dong-Ho Kang, Samuel K. Cho
Received December 8, 2023  Accepted December 21, 2023  Published online December 26, 2023  
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Treatment Concept and Technical Considerations of Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Jon Park, Dong-Ki Ahn, Dae-Jung Choi
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(2):301-323.   Published online December 22, 2023
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Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Spine Surgery: A Systematic Review
Wongthawat Liawrungrueang, Sung Tan Cho, Peem Sarasombath, Inhee Kim, Jin Hwan Kim
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(1):146-157.   Published online December 22, 2023
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Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Is the Feasible Option of Minimally Invasive Surgery using Posterior Approach?
Hong Jin Kim, Lawrence G. Lenke, Javier Pizones, René Castelein, Per D. Trobisch, Mitsuru Yagi, Michael P. Kelly, Dong-Gune Chang
Asian Spine J. 2024;18(2):287-300.   Published online December 21, 2023
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Management of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease in Spine Surgery
Myung-Geun Song, Chang-Won Kim, Sang-Youn Song, Han-Gyul Kim, Dong-Hee Kim
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(6):1168-1175.   Published online December 18, 2023
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Endoscopic Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Nolan J. Brown, Zach Pennington, Cathleen C. Kuo, Alexander M. Lopez, Bryce Picton, Sean Solomon, Oanh T. Nguyen, Chenyi Yang, Evelyne K. Tantry, Hania Shahin, Julian Gendreau, Stephen Albano, Martin H. Pham, Michael Y. Oh
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(6):1139-1154.   Published online December 18, 2023
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Surgical Management of Unstable U-Shaped Sacral Fractures and Tile C Pelvic Ring Disruptions: Institutional Experience in Light of a Narrative Literature Review
Nathan Beucler, Paul Tannyeres, Arnaud Dagain
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(6):1155-1167.   Published online December 5, 2023
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Cement Augmentation of Pedicle Screw Instrumentation: A Literature Review
Peter Boucas, Tania Mamdouhi, Sarah E. Rizzo, Andrew Megas
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(5):939-948.   Published online October 4, 2023
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Multiple-Rod Constructs in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Jian Zhao, Zheng Nie, Zhengping Zhang, Dongfa Liao, Da Liu
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(5):985-995.   Published online September 11, 2023
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Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel versus Conventional Methods for Osteotomy in Posterior Surgery for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy: A Review and Meta-Analysis
Parth Bansal, Vishal Kumar, Arvind Janardhan Vatkar, Ankit Gaurav, Sarvdeep Singh Dhatt
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(5):964-974.   Published online September 11, 2023
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Radiological Study of Atlas Arch Defects with Meta-Analysis and a Proposed New Classification
Worawit Suphamungmee, Laphatrada Yurasakpong, Kanchanaphan Poonudom, R. Shane Tubbs, Joe Iwanaga, Nutmethee Kruepunga, Arada Chaiyamoon, Athikhun Suwannakhan
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(5):975-984.   Published online August 28, 2023
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A Review of Finite Element Modeling for Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Maohua Lin, Rudy Paul, Utpal Kanti Dhar, James Doulgeris, Timothy E. O’Connor, Chi-Tay Tsai, Frank D. Vrionis
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(5):949-963.   Published online July 6, 2023
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